House Interiors

Year: 2010

Interiors for urban Housing.

Bus Stops

Year: 1999

Client: PARC, India

Bus Stop design for PARC who were working for RPL Township at Jamnagar.We suggested the usage of Rotomoulded shelters for both applications. Design concepts were generated with modularity as main feature. The concepts were developed and visualized on ALIAS

Product Rights: All rights of product is reserved by PARC, India. Any reproduction of product and image is prohibited.

Office Interiors

Year: 1996

Client: Rajkot Voluntary Blood bank, India

Rajkot Voluntary Blood Bank is a voluntary organization, who wanted an architectural window module to be developed for the building. This module had to be designed in harmony with the interior design of the office and can be mass manufactured. The main design requirement was the standardization of module and should be able to fit the Air-conditioner at different heights.