Year: 2009

Cube is learning system for kids with the special needs


Year: 1999

Pri-Ed is a primary education kit. It consists of a teacher screen and small notebooks connected through network to transfer the assignments. The tactual experience of writing and painting is supported by stylus and e-brush respectively where students can directly write/paint on the notebook.


Year: 1999

IFrost is internet enabled modular refrigerator. Depending on the need of users new modules can be added. The computer keeps track on the items available in the refrigerator and it can be programmed to order from the nearby superstore when the item hits the minimum quantity limit.


Year: 1999

X-DVD is a wearble multimedia dvd player with the voice controls. Alternatively wrist mouse can be used for naviagtion of tracks.


Year: 1999

Breeze is a water air-cooler designed for a mexican manufacturing firm.

Turtle IBox

Year: 1999

Turtle is set-top box helps user to get connected to the internet and with the remote keyboard get the control. The display unit is television.


Year: 1996

Client: GE Plastics, India

Sun-O-Moon is a table top light which is based on concept of sun and moon relationship regarding light. Sun is source of light and moon a mere reflector. Sun in the light is CFL and moon is phosphorescent ball storing light from CFL and acting as a night lamp without using electricity. The different modes of light can be switched by twisting the outer shell.

Spi-Glow is a lighting system designed taking metaphor of spider. The light can be stuck on the side wall or roof of the room. It can be hanged from the ceiling, the height can be controlled by the retractable chord.